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Rx for Change: Virtual Patient Case Scenarios

The goal of our tobacco cessation Virtual Patients (VPs) is to simulate real-life encounters that allow you to practice your decision-making in a virtual setting, before counseling real patients. This tool can be used as a stand-alone exercise and/or can be used to prepare for standardized patient/OSCE encounters (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, where learners counsel an actor who plays the role of a patient and receive feedback).

The VP encounters help you to achieve competency for tobacco cessation counseling by paralleling what is taught in other components of the Rx for Change tobacco cessation training program (e.g., web-based or in-class modules, role playing, video scenarios).

A simple log-in is required. The VPs work best using the Google Chrome browser.

Three patient cases are provided. Two of these patients (John Legere and Carmen Gomez) progress through three stages in their quitting process; one patient (Tony Crosby) progresses through two stages. You are encouraged to begin each patient with the “Not ready to quit” scenario, followed by “Ready to quit,” and then “Relapse.”

Virtual Patients

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